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Starting in October 2009, Franklin will be conducting presentations for government officials, CPAs, lawyers, and business owners in México to educate them about the great opportunity for business and social development in México due to the economic and social changes in the United States and other parts of the world.

His goal by presenting this information is to motivate the community and change the vision we have of México and its opportunities.
Welcome / Bienvenidos - Human Resources Mexico, S de RL

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The objective of HUMAN RESOURCES MEXICO is to attract investors and businesses to Mexico by presenting Mexico and its culture in the positive manner it deserves. We believe México has not been fairly represented in the foreign media in the past. We intend to change that perspective.

(The truth about Mexico)

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Franklin Frith is our General Manager and Principal who was born and raised in the United States and currently lives and works in Mexico. Franklin speaks Spanish fluently and he has more than 20 years experience in business development and business process outsourcing (HR, Payroll, Finance, etc.) With our “hands on” approach we handle your Mexican business goals and needs full time, right here in México. You will find that our staff is "on the ground and in the trenches" to help you accomplish your business goals.

Human Resources Mexico will setup your company / operations in Mexico; manage all aspects of Human Resources (Payroll in Mexico); locate and identify distributors / reps; attend special meetings, and/or to handle your merger / acquisition needs.

Mexican payroll is not a problem. Foreign companies who desire to employ people in Mexico can place the employees under our employment umbrella. This reduces the financial /administrative burden and risk associated with having employees in Mexico (a foreign country.) We will help you focus on revenue and profits instead of spending energy and efforts on human resource administration and paying workers in Mexico. Instead, HRM will assume responsibility for and manage all of your employment related issues and employees in Mexico.(a.k.a. Mexican PEO, Employee Leasing, PEO in Mexico, Mexican Payroll Company, and Human Resource Outsourcing in Mexico)

Contact Human Resources Mexico today if you want to focus 100% on revenue and reduce your liability.

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Human Resources Mexico, S de RL

Nuestro objetivo es atraer a inversionistas y comerciantes a México. Presentando de una manera positiva al país y su cultura tal y como merece, ya que creemos que México a sido menos preciado y señalado por los medios de comunicación extranjeros

Le podemos ayudar a establecer sus operaciones por primera vez, subcontratar sus recursos humanos (a.k.a. Mexican PEO, Employee Leasing, PEO in México, and Human Resource Outsourcing in Mexico), asistir a juntas especiales, o manejar fusiones / adquisiciones.  Llevaremos a cabo un análisis completo y le proporcionaremos una solución integral de manera rápida.

Human Resources México, S. de R.L. asumirá la responsabilidad y manejará todos sus asuntos relacionados con empleo en México.  Tenemos más de 20 años de experiencia en el negocio de recursos humanos  / subcontratación de empleados en Norte América.

Llámenos hoy si usted desea enfocarse al 100% en los ingresos y reducir sus responsabilidades.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 May 2011 )